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Our Committees

We are the watchers of the co-op, ensuring the legalities of running a co-op; making decisions on behalf of, and notifying the members of such actions.

We conduct the new member interviews and keep everyone up to speed on co-op policies, as well as everyone’s rights and responsibilities within the co-op.

We are the handymen and women! We coordinate regular building inspections and repairs. Our aim is make sure our building is safe & sound and well maintained.

We help our members care for their pets by sending out yearly reminders to register their pets and to get their yearly shots.

We keep our co-op looking beautiful, by maintaining the grounds as well as coordinating fun!!!! work parties.

We are the amateur reporters! We produce a newsletter that is a source of reliable, factual and interesting information.

Safety & Security
We work to maintain a safe, secure environment in the co-op.

We source out opportunities for our membership regarding training and courses, are the acting liaison with CHF BC.

We host many fun evenings such as our famous Holiday Pot Luck, Games Night, Halloween, and ensure that members at General Meetings have snacks and drinks.

We make sure that everyone has current house and car insurance, as well as being the keepers of the parking & storage lists.

We encourage members to participate as volunteers to help promote a sense of ownership and community, and avoid those nasty little invoices for non-participation.

We ensure that all of our recyclables are out in time for the city to pick them up because...recycling is so important!

Policies & Procedure
We are the keepers of all policies and procedures and ensure that all Members' Handbooks are regularly updated.

About Our Co-op

Our Co-op is in walking distance to many municipal amenities. There are parks and shopping areas nearby. Our communal amenities include underground parking, laundry facilities & meeting room, a fenced inner courtyard with a play area, green space and a forest.

We often enjoy community potlucks and organize work parties. We visit in the hallways and look out for our neigbours.

Are you ready to Volunteer?

Take a look at all our committees. We have lots of options for you to choose from! We keep our costs down because we do the work ourselves. This means that at some point you will probably be cleaning, digging, painting or take responsibility for organising something. Do you have special skills that you think we could use? We'd love to hear about them!